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2 Way Amplified 2nd Order LR Crossover

Here's a page of my recently made 2 way crossover with built in amplifier I designed for my computer speaker. It consists of a 2 way 2nd order Linkwitz Riley crossover, High pass shelving filter (to assist HF with full range drivers) and a 4 channel TDA7560 car amp power IC.

Here's an image of the corrected schematic diagram (click for full size)

I did the PCB in manual etch resist pen because I found it to be too much exposure to chemicals with a one-off board.

I did not take a step by step process in making the PCB (there are lots in the web) so here's the finished product instead.....

Solder side of PCB. I don't think it looks too bad

(this is the prototype before the schematic was updated with the errors so there were additional parts)

Power IC (wires go to speakers)

Input jack and capacitors. Power LED beside input jack

Filter capacitors

Another PIC shot

Heatsink cut from a bigger stock using band saw and finished the ends with the belt sander.

It actually sounds decent. Crossover frequency is at 109Hz. The low pass drives the PC speaker box and the high pass drives a couple of unknown small 1 inch widerangers I got free.

There is no power switch. The standby and mute pins of the power IC are controlled by the 3.5mm jack integral switch. Plugging in a 3.5mm plug turns the amplifier and crossover on. unplugging it mutes and turns the amp to standby mode with absolutely no current drain.

The power IC heats up real good so make sure that there is adequate heatsinking. The heatsink I used gets really warm in use but not hot enough to send the chip amp into protect mode.

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