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5 Way Linkwitz Riley Crossover


        This crossover is intended for my second system. it will replace the built in L-R crossovers in the amps. The built-in crossovers are sufficient but there is a little problem with hum that I can't fix and is not as flexible.

        The crossover design is based on Rod Elliott's P-09 two way L-R crossovers. I will be making four 2-way units then the input/output jacks are all independent so as to have maximum flexibility.

        crossover points are: 110Hz, 340Hz, 1.1kHz and 4.1kHz

        crossover slopes are all 24db/octave. just the same as the professional high end units.

        It will all be powered by a single P-05 (yep. also Rod's design) and a surplus 15V 10VA wall transformer.


The front of the crossover unit. I used only greencaps since I don't know anyone selling MKT's here. The MKT's you see there are "salvaged" from scrap boards that I buy for parts. I only got six 3.3uF Wima's and I needed eight so I used only 1uF units on the 4.1kHz section. Metal film resistors costs about 20 carbon film resistors over here so I use carbon films on most of my projects.


The rear. all gold plated connectors (except the power connector)


The side, you can see the messy wiring and a better look at the boards. This was my first project that used fiberglass boards on all circuits. The regulators are mounted on a piece of aluminum bar for heatsink (insulated ofcourse) then bolted to the chassis.


A look at the connectors.


Bottom view


The PCB's before I built the unit (note the different caps and heatsink for the regs in the P05 board. it was used only for testing.)

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