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My 440 watt system

        These are the pictures of my previous 440 watt RMS system using two car amps. they are powered by a 2000 watt switching powersupply  which was bought second-hand.

Basic description:

        This system used two cd-walkmans as source. The Panasonic cd player (blue) has been modified so that it recharges the battery when it is plugged to the wall adapter. I rarely listen to FM radio because they have commercials. The system has two amplifiers, one is a local brand, a CA-2000, which puts out about 50 watts to each front speaker. The front speakers are MB Quart DSD 210's which are hand-made in Germany. To me, they are the best speakers that I have heard. The other is an Alpine V12 amp. which is bridged to pump 170 watts to each subwoofer. The subwoofers are JBL LC-S1250W's which were bought from the US since they were buy-one take-one. The amps are crossed over to 75Hz highpass and lowpass. the equalizer and mixer used a modified American Power Design DC-DC converter since I was able to acquire only the ones which have dual 150 volt outputs. Also, the amprack has four thermally controlled fans which only run at low speed when the amps are cool. when things get hot, they run to full blast. Although this system is in my room in the other house at the moment, it will be installed in my car (finally!) when I find a lot of free time.

        The powersupply that I'm using puts out 12V @ 65A, 5V @ 80A, 10V @ 40A, and �20V @ 5A but I only use the 12V for the system, and the 10V for my cordless drill that had a dying battery.

(sorry about the poor quality. I can't afford a decent digital camera. )


This mixer used the same circuit that I published in the projects pages.



Here is a picture of a car crossover that I made using the Linkwitz Riley alignment 4th order from the ESP site.



Here is the dual 10 band EQ that I built using kits.



Here is the picture of one of the amps with the crossover.



Here is the picture of the other amp.



This is the amprack under the table, where it is usually located.



here are my 12 inch JBL subwoofers.



The front left speaker. (and some junk)



The front right speaker. (and more junk)




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