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Dominations Futura Tweeter Review

            This is not actually a sound review. It is more on the build quality/materials aspect of the driver.

            I had this driver in my car from April 2010 to Nov 2010. Why such a short time will be explained below.

            Published Specifications:

            While I had it, it had efficiency on the low side but it did sound quite good. I had more than enough available power so the low efficiency isn't an issue.

            I was powering it with a 41Hz Amp1 crossed over at 3.5kHz HP with SMPS to run in the car. I'm using a Behringer DCX2496 with the Limiters turned ON so they never received any signal more than they can handle or even clipping for that matter.


The tweeters came in a nice red carton....

This is how they looked like when I got them:

Back of the supertweeter:


Notice the markings left by the wires on the black paint. That meant the black color on the back cap is not anodizing or even powder coating, it's just sprayed on paint as the wires won't leave marks like those on anodizing or powdercoating.

Let's see what happened to the other one.....

In less than a year of use, the surrounds rotted. From my experience, foam surrounds do rot, but it usually takes years not months.

Curious as to what the actual driver looked like, I pried the back cap open. It took a bit of work as the glue held it pretty tightly.

There is absolutely no fill of sorts to counter the chamber resonance or absorb the rear waves. I'm surprised it didn't sound that hollow.....

4ohms, 3 watts?? Reminds me of those drivers used in those iPod docks with the built in speakers.....

BTW, remember the specs stating the housing is "Aircraft Grade Aluminum"? Although the front and back are indeed aluminum, the cylinder is a PVC pipe wrapped in sticker.....

The driver frame kinda reminded me of this driver: Tang Band W1-1070SE 1" Full Range Driver

Using a hot air rework station, I removed the inverted dome by heating and melting the adhesive. It worked.

Cone appears to be Titanium as it is really thin and very light but isn't as fragile as aluminum at that thickness.

4 Layer voice coil with vented Kapton former:

A piece of the rotted surround fell into the magnet gap. The magnet gap appeared to have ferrofluid residue but seems to have dried up. further evidence that the drivers aren't new manufacture. Possibly NOS? I can't tell for sure.

Speaking of the other tweeter, it seems it is also going the way of its partner.....

The MSRP of this driver pair is Php9900. Around ~US$228. Is it justified? I'll let you guys decide.....

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