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One of my Hobbies

        Back then when I didn't have a car, I still built an audio system based on car amps and I made preamps and crossovers matched to make them an active system. Further down the road, Needing more power for more loudness (My system was sometimes also used during parties, added headroom is nice!) AC powered amps were the way to go. So I also made those afterwards. As a DJ system, a mixer, 31band EQ and compressor/limiters are a must. Being too complicated to DIY, I went with commercially bought equipment for those. The following link is what I had built around those equipments from way back when.

My past audio systems

        The amplifier designs are from Elliott Sound Products and Aussie Amplifiers. I bought parts, designed boards and assembled everything from scratch. The next couple of links go to a gallery of DIY amps I have built.

DIY amplifiers pt1

DIY amplifiers pt2

        When I neared the end of my college life (where things started to get hectic) I no longer had time to sit back and listen at home in my room. The systems were eventually dismantled. the 4x P3A along with the compressor/limiter is used along with a Karaoke Machine powering four 6X9 car speakers. They do get pretty loud too! The other amps are sitting in my room sometimes used when an amp is needed. I moved to car audio where, in my busy life, I spend some time on the road. Having a good car audio system helps especially the traffic we get around here. If you'd like to read more about what I listen to everyday on my commute, you can see more here.

        Coming soon... a 700watt amp based on ESP's P101. The old N-Channel amp will be dismantled and the guts donated to a New amplifier. This will be long in the future though as all I have right now are two boards and a dream.


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