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My 1700 watt System


       My second system is upgraded. It's no longer 1700 watts but a bit less since my 500W amp is replaced with the P101 amp with ~400W output.


front.jpg (76475 bytes)

The front of the "control center". Here, you can see (from top) mic preamp, 5 way crossover, 4 channel P3A amp, and 30A power distribution

top.jpg (82441 bytes)

Here, the top of the rack, from top: compressor/gate, dual 31 band EQ and DIY mixer.

rack.jpg (85364 bytes)

The second rack made of MDF (haven't thought about covering it yet) which has the N channel amp and the P101 amp above it.

rack2.jpg (104825 bytes)

Back view of the rack, small blue box is the EAS processor

rear.jpg (115832 bytes)

A look on the modification I did on the new speakers. I removed the passive XO and used active all throughout.

rear2.jpg (102747 bytes)

four pairs of wires per channel. imagine how long it would take me to set everything up.

under.jpg (113075 bytes)

the view behind the "control center". You can see the tangled maze of power and signal wiring.


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